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Rabu, 30 September 2009
gara-gara kmaren dan sebelom2nya susah tidur jadilah gw nanya2 si om cara biar bisa tidur.. nemu deh beberapa tips yang mungkin agak nyleneh buat sebagian orang, doyan dah gw yang nyleneh gini..


Quiet Ears

This technique is an ancient Eastern meditation as well as a great way to fall asleep.

  1. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, fingers interlocked, and your palms cupping the back of your head. Get as relaxed as possible (This position make take a little while to get used to).

  2. Place your thumbs in your ears so that you are pressing the outer flap of your ear and blocking the entrance to the ear canal.

  3. Lie quietly and listen for a high-pitched sound that you will gradually hear inside your head.

  4. Lie there for 10 to 15 minutes and concentrate on that sound. Then put your arms to your sides and go to sleep. (Don't worry about all the stories of people who have ringing in their ears. This is different -- and natural.)


Smoke Yourself to Sleep

"I've found the best thing to get me asleep is cannabis—and all the people I know who smoke it agree.' - Anonymous

bos-bos yang ada di atas sana, legalin dong cannabis biar gampang dicarinya!


Visualize Something Boring

We like this one in particular. The beauty of it is you can turn a negative into a positive. Just visualize that you are someplace that you have always found extremely boring. It could be listening to a particular teacher who was so boring that he or she almost always put you to sleep. Perhaps it's some friend or acquaintance whose incessant talk and theories put you to sleep. Maybe it's your work, maybe it's your commute each day.

Whatever it is, visualize it. And recapture that bored, tired, heavy, sleepy feeling that you always experience. Let that feeling spread through your mind and all through your body till you're filled with complete tiredness and sleepiness. It works.


Imagine It's Time to Get Up

This is a neat one too. Kind of a variation on the previous technique. Imagine that you're not allowed to go to sleep. Imagine that your morning alarm has gone off and it's time to get up and go to work. You know how delicious that feeling is in the morning when it's time to get up but you're so tired and your eyes are very heavy and you shouldn't do it but you just want to fall right back to sleep for a few minutes more?

Well, we find you can often bring that about just by imagining as fully and realistically as possible that it's morning, that you have to get up, put your feet on a cold floor, stagger around the house, take a cold shower, and do whatever unpleasant things you associate with getting up in the morning. The more unpleasantly you can imagine it, the more you won't want to do it. And the more you'll just want to stay in bed and sleep. Try it. You'll be surprised how tired and sleepy your mind can make your body.


Green Cows—and Other Animals of Color

"Actually, I feel a little silly passing this along since I'm up right now with, well, insomnia. But, a technique I've generally had good success with is to visualize animals in the wrong colors. For example, blue cat, green cow, red elephant, and so on. After coming up with a color/animal combination I try to actually visualize it and then I move on to the next one. Coming up with the combinations and then trying to picture the animal seems to keep my mind occupied and distracted from whatever stressful thoughts were keeping me awake and it gets boring enough that I can generally fall asleep pretty quickly. I've shared this with two coworkers with insomnia and they've reported that it helped them as well." - Candace


seru juga ya nyari cara untuk tidur, mungkin emang 'tidur' tuh bukan sekedar mekanisme biologis tapi juga produk psikologis..

cara 1 dan 2 kayanya sih emang mberesin masalah dari sisi biologis, tapi cara 3, 4 dan 5 tuh ngatasin masalah secara psikologis.. 3 cara terakhir ga manjur untuk sebagian orang, tapi bisa manjur untuk sebagian orang lain..

banyak yang cerita ke gw kalo orang itu lagi kumat insomnianya, dia mbayangin hal-hal atau suasana yang damai dan nyaman buat dia, tapi kalo melakukan itu, malah bawaannya gw pengen mikir dan malah makin ga tidur..

jadi yah, psikologis tiap orang tuh beda dan itulah yang bikin keunikan dari tiap orang, dan itulah yang menarik menurut gw. dan metode-metode psikologis kaya gini lah yang gw suka.

mari kita coba malem ini..

gutlak oka, gutlak oki..


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